Seminario: “Pseudo-Kähler and hypersymplectic structures on semidirect products” impartido por Alejandro Gil García (Univ. Hamburg, Alemania)

Seminario Geometría y Topología



We study left-invariant pseudo-Kähler and hypersymplectic structures on semidirect products GxH of Lie groups; we work at the level of the Lie algebra gxh. In particular we consider the structures induced on gxh by existing pseudo-Kähler structures on g and h; we classify all semidirect products of this type with g of dimension 4 and h=R^2. In the hypersymplectic setting, we consider a more general construction on semidirect products. We construct a large class of hypersymplectic Lie algebras whose underlying complex structure is not abelian as well as non-flat hypersymplectic metrics on k-step nilpotent Lie algebras for every k>2. This is a joint work with Diego Conti (


Fecha: Miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2024
Hora:    11:00 horas
Lugar: Aula 14, Edificio B